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I had, what I thought, was a simple shopping  plan when I went to Target this past weekend. The plan was to have 2 transactions and  to reduce my out-of pocket cost on tracnsation #2 by using the gift cards earned from transaction #1.

The first transaction was six single pack Venus Embrace razors at $4.99 each.  There is a manufacturer coupon for $2/1 and a Target store coupon for $2.50/1 making each razor .49.  Target also has  a gift card deal to get a $5.00 GC when you buy (wyb)  three Venus Embrace razors.   This would have made for a $7.06 moneymaker (thanks totallytarget).  Sweet deal, right?   Wrong!!  Target’s raggedy registers would not scan my manufacturer coupons, the cashier (and manager) were dumbfounded  and my master plan went right out the door.  The drama that ensued caused  the whole deal to be scrapped and I went ahead with my second transaction. 

My favorite manager, Denise was not working  that day and I dare not shop there again unless I ensure that she is on duty.  I continued to have coupon issues throughout my second transaction, but eventually the torture was over.  So much for my coupon friendly store. I swear sometimes shopping with coupons feels like going to war. How sad is that? 

Oh well,  here is what I managed to wrangle out of the store. You can also check  out the video here.

  • (5) Huggie wipes 72 ct.-$1.99/ea
  • (3) Glade Sense and Sprays-$5.04/ea
    • used $3/1 (expired) and $3/1 Target Q (expired) 
  • (1) Glade Lasting Impressions-$6.49
    • used $3/1 (expired) and $3/1 Target Q (expired)
  • (2) pair of children’s socks-$1.00/ea
  • (3) Pillsbury Sweet Moments-$2.50/ea
    • used (2) $1.50/1 printable and (1) $1/1 8/8/10 SS and 9/12/10 GM
  • Tinker Bell Blu-Ray-DVD combo-$22.99
  • (1) Enfagrow infant formula $18.99
  • (2) Clean and Clear Surge refill pads-$3.84
    • used $3/1 8/1/10 SS
  • (1) Vaseline Lotion-$2.69/ea
  • Target Home towel bar$4.98
    • used $10/1 Target Q (adjusted down to $4.98)
  • (3) Shout travel size wipes-.97
    • Forgot to give coupons to cashier. I will be returning items on my next visit.

Total value=$115.55  Total OOP=$40.19   Total savings=65%


Another one of my Frugalnista YouTube  friends  is having an awesome giveaway.  GroceryGurus is giving away a $100 American Express Gift Card  and all you have to do is leave a comment on her giveaway video  and  share her video on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  This post is the sharing portion of my entry.  If you want to learn the ins and outs of  couponing and saving lots of money,  you should definitely check out her channel.  I have learned so much from this Frugal Diva and I’m sure you can too. The contest ends on October 15, 2010.

I thought I was prepared for my shopping this past Saturday, but my CVS trip went completely awry. I will not bore you with the details, but let’s just say that I was not very happy with my OOP cost.  I let my daughter’s necessities (Pull-ups and formula) get low and had to make purchases at less than ideal prices. This led to me having overall high OOP costs all day.  I minimized the damage as best I could. LOL  It goes to show that even the most coupon savvy shoppers have off days.   It is also why stockpiling at rock bottom prices and managing your stockpile is so important. You do not want to get caught having to pay full price, especially for diapers/training pants.

No worries, it happens and I look forward to next weekend. Now on to my shopping haul. 

CVS-There were a couple of purchase mishaps, but I will try to simplify the breakdown.

  • (4) boxes of Quaker Oatmeal $2/$5.00-used (4) $1/1 9/12/10 RP
  •  (2) Revlon Lipstick -$6.99/ea-used (2) $2/1  (no longer available)
  •  (4) Right Guard Deodorant $2.99/ea-used (2)$1.50/2 8/15/10 RP
  • (4) packs of Huggies Pull-Ups $8.99/ea-used (4) $2/1 printable
  • used $3/15 CVS Q
  • used$10.00 ECB
  • used $2.00 ECB

Total Value=$$107.52    Total OOP=$41.46    Remaining ECB’s=$16.00    Total Savings=76%

Next stop.. Meijer 

  • (10) Boston Market frozen entrees-$2.20/ea-
  • (2) Hidden Valley Ranch Farmhouse Dressings-$2.50/ea
  • (3) Campbell Chunky soup-$1.25/ea
  • (2) Enfagrow Toddler formula-$18.99/ea
  • $5.00 OYNO coupons are from purchasing the Boston Market dinners ($5/OYNO wyb 5 or more dinners)

Total Cost= $81.54     Total OOP=$37.40   Total Coupons & Store Promos=$44.14    Total Savings= 54%

I know that saving 76% and 54% is nothing to sneeze at, but I have exceeded my weekly shopping budget  ($50-$75) and I haven’t even gotten to my Target shopping trip.  I will show my Target purchases in a separate post.     

These are the free items that I’ve received over the last week or so.  I love getting free stuff. It makes getting mail so much fun. You never know what might be in your mailbox from one day to the next.  I request so many freebies that I often forget where I requested them from and some seem to just show up in my mailbox from parts unknown. 🙂 I requested the Febreze w/Gain  when Gain was having their weekly giveaway  a few weeks ago.  Hopefully, some of you were able to request this freebie or one of the other free items Gain was giving away. I was also able to request a full-size bottle of  the new Gain Dishwashing  Liquid.  I am still waiting for it to arrive.  I also got a free travel size bottle of  Baby and Body Works “Twilight for Men” Body wash,  a $5.00 ECB card from CVS, a bag of  Cheetos Mighty Zingers,  six Nescafe stick coffee packets w/ a coupon,  Nexcare bandages w/ coupons, 2 Breath Right strips w/ coupon, a K IND bar, an Organize in Style coupon booklet,  a free Sobe coupon and my ink Reward from Staples.

I don’t know why CVS sent this to me, but I was certainly happy to get it. 🙂

I intend to post some of the freebies when they are still available so that everyone can request them while they are still available.  If you want to see some of my past freebies, I have several  “Weekly Freebie” videos on my You Tube Channel.


Mambo Sprouts has released their current newsletter online. It is filled with articles, back-to-school tips, product reviews and most importantly over $35.00 in coupons for organic products.

I have  a severe case of what I would like to call “Blogger’s Block”.  I can not think of anything to blog about.  I wasn’t able to finish my shopping this past weekend. (Boo hoo… I missed some great deals).  So, I have no new deals to showcase. Between my daughter’s full social calendar and  me having to work overtime, there wasn’t much time  for shopping. I did manage to snag another free bottle of Gain’s Dishwashing liquid and a four roll pack  of White Cloud bath tissue for a $1.00 from Walmart when I went to grab a gift bag for one of the two birthday parties my daughter attended.  It is sad when your 16 month-old has a better social calendar than you. LOL .

Having said all of that, I am at a lost for things to blog about.  I really don’t like to write about  things that I know readers can find on a hundred other blogs.  I don’t like regurgitating the same information.  I am struggling to find my own niche in this whole frugal blogging world.  I have been kicking around a couple of ideas, but I haven’t had a chance to flesh them out.  

I am assuming that there are other blogger’s that experience “Blogger’s Block” occasionally.  I wonder what do they do to move forward.  I hate to sound like I’m whining, because I am really loving the blogging experience.  I just needed to get this off my chest. I am hoping that by venting my frustrations, this block will start to dissolve.  I am hoping that the sheer act of just writing something will get my creative juices flowing.  I think I just need to  relax and let my muse resurface in her own time. 🙂  Suggestions are always welcome. 

Until next time, Happy Shopping. 🙂

This was a very quick trip to Target. My mother needed to go to the pharmacy and I just grabbed a few things while they filled her prescription.  I was going to go back yesterday, but my daughter was tired, sleepy and grouchy so, I nixed that trip. Hopefully, I can make it back today to grab some of the P.F. Chang dinners that are on sale.  This week they are $6.99 and there is a $2.00 coupon in the 9/12/10 RP that you can stack with the $1.50 store coupon on Target’s web site.  That makes them only $3.49 each.  I also wanted to do the Venus Razor deal that I read about on TotallyTarget.

This is what I was able to grab while waiting.

  • (1)  Hefty Kiddy cups on clearance-.74 (no coupon used)
  • (2) Turtleneck tops for my daughter-$4.00/ea (no coupon used)
  • (6) Travel size Shout wipes-.97/ea ~~~used (3) $2/2 8/8/10 SS
  • (1) Tide Stain Release-$6.99~~~used (1) $3/1 8/29/10 P&G Saver  and $1.50/1 Target Q
  • (1) Travel size Tide laundry detergent-.97~~~used  (1) $1/1 8/29/10 P&G Saver  adjusted down to .97
  • (2) Archer Farms trail mix-$1.59~~~used (1) $1/2 Target Q
  • (1) loaf of Market Pantry bread-$.92~~~used .50/1 Target Q
  • (3) Sobe waters-$1.02/ea~~~used (3) Free Q’s from the Sobe Heads or Tail Game (no longer available) 
  • (2) Skintamate Shaving gel-$2.24/ea~~~used $.75/1  8/1/10 SS and $1/1 Target Q 8/22/10 SS
  • (4) Edge Shaving gel-$2.24/ea~~~used $.75/1  8/1/10 SS and $1/1 Target Q 8/22/10 SS

Total $44.76 (including tax)  Total coupons $28.54  Total OOP $16.22  Savings 64%

**NOTE** My coupon total is so high because the register was doing something wonky with the Shout coupons and the manager told the cashier to not worry about it as long as I got all 6 items for free.  This error resulted in a $2.06 overage.  Yaaaay for me.

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