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Hello and thanks for visiting my blog.

I hope you will visit often and that this blog can be even a small blessing in your life.

My name is Angela and I started this blog simply because I love couponing and I love sharing everything that I learn about couponing. I love saving money and creating money-saving deals.  I love trying to find as many ways as possible to save my family money. I believe that by saving money in all aspects of my life, my family can afford to enjoy all that life has to offer. 

I am the mother of a beautiful daughter, 16 month old Bri.  She is the love of my life and the epitome of God’s love for me.  God entrusted me with this wonderful child and she has changed my life in ways that I could not begin to describe.  It is because of her that I had to completely change the way that I view money; and the way that I spend and manage my money. I have also learned the importance of making the most of what God has blessed me with.   

I have always clipped coupons, but like many people, I would often forget about them when I got to the grocery store.  After the birth of my daughter and with the economy continuing to decline, I was desperate to find a way to save money.  I prayed to God for guidance and he answered my prayers when one of my co-workers (Thanks Sakinah) told me about a money-saving blog (Hip2Save).  That was the answer to my prayers. Since that time I  have been on a constant quest to learn and share everything I can about couponing, rebates, freebies, and saving money overall.

From time to time I will also showcase some of my other interests, such as cooking and crafting.  I hope that I can  inspire others  in much the same manner that I was inspired by the veteran “frugal living” bloggers.


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Thanks for standing up for me on my Target shopping trip that was posted on! When I read that today….I just couldn’t resist leaving feedback too! Check it what I wrote!
Thanks again!

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