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This week I was able to get $101 worth of items for $20.73. This was after sales and coupons, and store promotions. 

For those af you that haven’t heard, Meijer has a new coupon program mPerks. MPerks is  Meijer’s version of e-coupons. You must have a cell phone with text capabilities to join.  Once you sign up you will receive a text message instructing you to activate your account. Once activated you can go to the mPerks website and start loading coupons to your telephone number. 

When you checkout, you just press the mPerks button and then enter your number on the keypad where you swipe you credit/debit card.    Your savings will be deducted automatically based on what you’ve loaded to your phone and the items you’ve purchase.

Despite a few disappointments, overall this was a good trip. My store was out of the  Glade Relaxing Moments candles and I forgot to get a rain check.  My Kraft cheese deal didn’t work out as planned either, but more on that later.  On to deals.

There is so much to see  that I am also showing some of the highlights from my trip.

I was only able to get 4 boxes because I forgot to clip all of my coupons.

This little item is almost invisible but it was a moneymaker.

Transaction #1

  • (3) Ziploc Freezer Slider bags-$1.89/ea
  • (1) Ziploc Storage Slider bag-$1.89
  • Total cost =$8.01 (including tax)    Total coupons=$8.00    Total OOP=$.01  Total savings 99.9%
  • Earned a $2.00 catalina for Ziploc bags.

Transaction #2

  • (4) 8 oz. Philly cream cheese-$1.69/ea
  • (6) Kraft cheese slices-$1.88/ea
    • used (2) $5/5 coupon from here
  • (2) Spaghettios- .50/ea
    • used .50/2 coupon (doubled to $1.00) from here
  • Simply Asia Seasoning -.59
    • used .50/1 coupon (It did not double) 8/29/10 RP
    • used $2.50 courtesy coupon
    • used $2 catalina from Trans. #1
  • Total cost=$19.63    Total coupons=$17.00    Total OOP -$2.63  Total Savings 87%

Note: I was supposed to get a $5.00 catalina for the cheese, but the cream cheese was not a qualifying item.  That sucked, but $2.63 for  everything was still a great deal.  I miscalculated the number of cans of Spaghettios I was supposed to purchase, but I gave the cashier all of my coupons, (2) for Transaction #2 and (2) for transactions #3.  She must have pushed them through because all of them came off of my total. This was an absolute mistake. I do not condone the use of coupons in any manner other than the way in which the manufacturer intended for them be to used.

Transaction #3

  • Maybelline eye shadow
    • used $1/1 manu. 8/8/10 RP
    • used $2/1 mPerks coupon
  • Old El Paso Taco sauce-$.88
    • used .50/1 coupon (doubled to a $1) no longer available
  • Old El Paso Taco shells-$1.89
    • used .50/1 (doubled to a $1) no longer available
  • Franks Redhot sauce-$1.15
    • used .50/1 (doubled to a $1) 7/25/10 SS
  • (7) 3 oz Philly cream cheese-$1.18/ea
  • (3) Philly cream cheese mini’s-$1.50/ea
    • used (2) $5/5 coupon from here
  • (2) Harvest Select soup bowls-.99
    • used (2) $1/1 coupon from here (adjusted down to .99/ea)
  • Aunt Mille’s Hot dog buns-.99 (forgot coupon)
  • Simply Asia Sauce-$1.29
    • used .50/1 coupon 8/29/10 RP
  • (2) Spaghettios- .50/ea
    • used .50/2 coupon (doubled to $.38) from here
  • Van De Kamp Fish Sticks-$3.99
  • (2) Lunchables Combo lunch kits-$2.00/ea
    • used (2) $1/1 coupon from here
  • (2) Kid Cuisine-$1.67/ea
    • used $1/2 8/27/10 All You magazine
  • (2) Ball Park hotdogs-$1.67/ea
    • used (2) $2/1  Facebook coupon (no longer available) (adjusted down to $1.67/ea)
  • (4) Healthy Choice Steaming Entrees
    • used $1/1 coupon (no longer available)
    • used $1/2 mPerks coupon
    • used $2 catalina
  • Total cost=$46.19 (including tax)    Total coupons=$34.20    Total OOP=$11.97    Total savings 74%

Transaction #4

  • 6 lbs of grapes-$.99/lb
  • Total cost and  total OOP $6.12


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