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It is so good to be back. I actually started writing another post, but I wanted to get this posted while my daughter was  asleep.  I have had other shopping trips, but I just have not had the time or the energy to post any of my recent  trips.  Even this post is almost a week late.  This past weekend, I went to Meijer,  Rite-Aid and Bath and Body Works. 

I have not shopped at Rite-Aid in a while. I used to shop there quite often until they became to coupon-unfriendly. My last Rite-Aid experience was a nightmare.  After that, I just wrote them off. A couple of weeks ago they had some really good deals on Stayfree pads and Special K Cereal and the thought of letting  those deals pass me by was too unbearable, so I bit  the bullet and gave it another try.  I went to a different store than where I had previously shopped and thank the Lord, the cashier and the manager were really nice.  I was only able get 6 packs of the Stayfree, but they were out of the cereal, so I got rainchecks for both. I went back this past weekend and picked up 14 more packs of the Stayfree along with some other items.

Rite Aid 1/15/11

  • (6) Stayfree Pads-$2.50 ea.
    • used 3 BOGO MQ
    • used 3 $1/1 MQ 

 Total OOP Cost=$5.40 including tax (.90)~Total Up+Rewards Rec’d =$6.00~Total Savings=$19.44

Rite-Aid 1/22/11-transactions #1

  • (2) TGIF Snacks-.97 ea.
  • (2) Pepperidge Farms Goldfish-$1.50 ea.
  • (1) RA Tissue-$1.00
  • (2) Excedrin Extra Strength-$3.99 ea.
    • used (2) Free coupons
  • (2) Halls cough drops-$1.50 ea.
    • used (2) $1/1 MQ
    • used $6.00 Up+Rewards

Total OOP Cost=$1.66 including tax (.72)~Total UP+Rewards Rec’d=$5.00~Total Savings=$28.37



  • (14) Stayfree Pads-$2.50 ea. w/raincheck
    • used (7) BOGO MQ
    • used (7) $1/1 MQ
    • used $5 UP+Rewards

Total OOP Cost=$$8.60 including tax ($2.10) (Final cost was actually$7.60 after I discovered a missed coupon)~UP+Rewards Rec’d=It should have been $14.00, but the  UP+ didn’t print because of the raincheck, so they gave me CASH.~ Total Savings=$50.36

Total for all 3 transactions  OOP=$14.66  Total UP+Rewards (CASH) Remaining $14.00~ Total Savings $98.17

At Bath and Body Works I was able to get 3 items for only .53 cents. Right now B&BW has a coupon available to get a free travel size item with any purchase.  To minimize my cost,  I purchased  a cover for the Pocket hand sanitizer for .53 (including .03 tax) and I was able to get a 3oz. bottle of Moonlight Path lotion for free.  This past weekend they were also offering a free bottle lotion of their newest scent “Carried Away”.  unfortunately but the time I got there they were sold out so, they were offering the body mist as a replacement.  Free is free and I was happy to get a free bottle of body mist.

Finally, on to my Meijer’s trip. 

Transaction #1

  • (2) Carefree pantyliners-$1.04 ea.
    • used (2) .50/1  MQ-doubled to$1 ea.
  • Benefiber-$3.49
    • used $4/1- overage given
  • Enfagrow formula-$18.99
    • used $5/1 MQ
  • (9) Old Orchard juice-3/$5.00
    • used 3 BOGO MQ
    • used (3) $1/1
    • used (3) .50/1- two were doubled to $1.00

Total OOP Cost=$14.82 including  tax (.26)~Total Savings $30.91

Transactions #2

  • (2) Carefree pantyliner-$1.04 ea.
    • used (2) .50/1-doubled to $1.00 ea.
  • (3) Old Orchard juice-3/$5.00
    • used (3) .50/1-two were doubled to a $1.00

Total OOP  Cost=$1.89 including tax (.07)~Total savings=$8.92

Transactions #3

  • (1) Carefree pantyliner-$1.04 ea.
    • used (1) .50/1-doubled to $1.00
  • (3) Old Orchard juice-3/$5.00
    • used (3) .50/1-two were doubled to a $1.00

Total OOP  Cost=$1.82 including tax (.03)~Total savings=$8.22


Before I get to my shopping trip, I have to begin with the “Tale of the Free Pizza.”  During Meijer trip on  October 17,  I purchased 4 large California Pizza Kitchen pizzas because I thought they were on sale  for $2.50 each.  As it turned out, the store had  put the sign up a day early and the sale was actually for the individual pizzas which were going on sale the next day.

I knew when I checked out that my total was to high, but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It wasn’t until much later that evening that I looked  at my receipt one more time and  realized that instead the pizzas being $2.50 each,  they were actually $5.00 each.  When I bought the pizzas, I used $8.00 in CPK coupons and  I thought I would be  paying $2.00 out-of-pocket for all four. When I learned that I had paid $3.00 for each one,  I almost had a sucker stroke.  One thing I knew for sure,  was that those pizzas were going back.

I didn’t  return them until I went shopping this past Saturday.  I hated returning them because I knew the store would have to trash them, but I could not bring myself to keep $20.00 worth a pizzas.  When I took them back,  the CS Manager mentioned that they would have to throw them away. I explained  what happened  and she offered to give me the difference if I was willing to keep the pizzas.  I said okay and  she refunded me the difference plus and additional $2.00 as a “Thank You” for agreeing to take the pizzas back home.  Therefore,  I actually got them for free.  That is what I call good customer service.  If only Target would be that customer friendly.


This trip was mostly about stockpiling on items that were super cheap, but I also picked up a few necessities as well.  

  •   15 cans of DelMonte stewed tomatoes-$.99/ea.
  • 10 cans of assorted DelMonte vegetables-$.79/ea.
    • used (2) $1/5 MF 9/19/10 RP
    • used (2) $1/5 MMB
  • 5 cans of DelMonte fruit-$1.00/ea.  
    • used (1) $1/5 MF 9/19/10 RP
    • used (1) $1/5 MMB 
  • 42 packs of Kool-Aid-$.10/ea. 
    • used (3) B10G4 free MF 9/26/10 SS
  • 2 bottles of Miracle Whip-$2.00/ea.
  • 1 pack of Angel Soft bath tissue-$5.49
    • used $.50/1 manu. (doubled to $1.00) 9/19/10 RP
  • 1 box of Ronzini Healthy Harvest pasta
    • used $1/1 printable (The $1/1 has been replaced by $1/2)
  • 4lbs of Ground Chuck from Angus (Not pictured)
  • (2) 10 lb bag of russet potatoes 

Total before Savings & Coupons $113.53    Total OOP $ 64.80    Total Savings $48.73 or 43%

***Disclaimer*** I have been trying to finish this post for over an hour. The formating is not cooperating apparently, there is something wrong with WordPress.  Please forgive me if things look out of sorts. I had two choices  either scrap the post altogether or publish it “as is.”  I choose to publish it.

With the economy being what it is, saving money has become a priority for most families.   As a result coupon usage is at an all-time high. This increase helped open up a new niche in the blogging world. Many blogger  have taken advantage of this need and started writing blogs dedicated to showing us how to save money in just about every aspect of our daily spending.

I rely on my fellow bloggers for all of the invaluable money-saving information that they share. There are a lot of really good “Frugal Blogs”, so when I decided to write this post it was difficult for me to narrow it down to just 10. The blogs on my list are the ones that I frequent most often. All of the blogs on my list are focused on saving money but, each one has something unique about it that keeps me coming back. 

1. Money  Saving  Mom-This blog has informative and well written articles  covering  topics such as how to monetize your blog and how to pay cash for a house. 

2. Hip2Save-This was the very first frugal blog I visited and it is still one my go-to sites for daily deals and freebies.  It is updated numerous times during the day  allowing you to take advantage of some the more time sensitive deals.

3. Totally Target-The name says it all.  If you want to know anything about shopping at Target, this is the site for you. The writer also started a Target forum which is a great place to connect with other Target shoppers.

4. Couponing to Disney-In addition to daily deals, this site offers helpful information for anyone planning a Disney vacation.  You can learn how to have a spectacular  trip without breaking the bank.

5. Bargains to Bounty-This site  has weekly coupon matchups for several grocery stores in the Greater Detroit area.  My favorite weekly matchups are the ones for Meijer.

6. The Mommy Reporter-This blog is a new discovery for me.  It’s only been on my go-to list for about a month.  The articles are interesting with a lot of useful information for being a successful “Mommy Blogger.”

7. Meijer Madness-This site is dedicated to all things Meijer.  Considering the fact that Meijer is my favorite grocery store. This site is is very helpful to me when I’m  making my weekly grocery list.

8. The Coupon Goddess-I read  this blog simply because it is well writen and I enjoy the witty and often humorous posts.  The writer is also a supreme couponer and a generous donor.

9. Penny Pinching Diva-This is another blog that I read becasue it is engaging.  Depite the many challenges she faces, the writer is very open about her life and I have become a little  emotionally invested in her experiences.

10.  Who Said Nothing in Life is Free-This site  almost always has at least one or two deals that I never see on any of the other blogs.  Her posts are short and to the point and that they just to cut to the chase.

These are my 10 favorite frugal blogs.  I know there are many other awesome blogs, but I have learned that you  have to pick a few good  blogs to follow or you will become overwhelmed with the vast amount of information that is available.

When trying to establish your go-to list, I would advise you be pick blogs that offer infomation that is useful to you and  focus on the goals that you are trying to accomplish. You also want to choose blogs that speak to you or touch you in some way.  I would reccommend that  you visit  a number of sites just to see what’s out there. Add the sites you like to your “Favorites”. In time you will notice that you are visiting certain sites more regularly than others and your go-to list will emerge.

Please leave a comment describing  your favorite money-saving blogs. 

These are some coupons I found in Meijer during my last shopping trip.  I found a sheet with 4 Meijer brand laundry detergents in the front of the store where the sales circulars are kept.

I also found a $1.50/1 Huggies Pure and Natural (Meijer store) coupon.  This coupon can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon and a sale for some inexpensive diapers.  Thankfully my daughter is in training pants now, so I have no need for those. 

I also found a store coupon for $1/1 Gerber Graduates cereal bar or cereal twists.  Just like the Huggies coupon this coupon can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon (if you can find any).  I signed up with Gerber and they occasionally send me coupons for savings on various products.

The last coupon I found was a manufacturer coupon for $1/5 Kraft Easy Mac.  I found these on a tearpad in front of the Easy Mac.  Meijer has Easy Mac on sale this week for .99. with the coupon they would be just .79 a cup.


This week I was able to get $101 worth of items for $20.73. This was after sales and coupons, and store promotions. 

For those af you that haven’t heard, Meijer has a new coupon program mPerks. MPerks is  Meijer’s version of e-coupons. You must have a cell phone with text capabilities to join.  Once you sign up you will receive a text message instructing you to activate your account. Once activated you can go to the mPerks website and start loading coupons to your telephone number. 

When you checkout, you just press the mPerks button and then enter your number on the keypad where you swipe you credit/debit card.    Your savings will be deducted automatically based on what you’ve loaded to your phone and the items you’ve purchase.

Despite a few disappointments, overall this was a good trip. My store was out of the  Glade Relaxing Moments candles and I forgot to get a rain check.  My Kraft cheese deal didn’t work out as planned either, but more on that later.  On to deals.

There is so much to see  that I am also showing some of the highlights from my trip.

I was only able to get 4 boxes because I forgot to clip all of my coupons.

This little item is almost invisible but it was a moneymaker.

Transaction #1

  • (3) Ziploc Freezer Slider bags-$1.89/ea
  • (1) Ziploc Storage Slider bag-$1.89
  • Total cost =$8.01 (including tax)    Total coupons=$8.00    Total OOP=$.01  Total savings 99.9%
  • Earned a $2.00 catalina for Ziploc bags.

Transaction #2

  • (4) 8 oz. Philly cream cheese-$1.69/ea
  • (6) Kraft cheese slices-$1.88/ea
    • used (2) $5/5 coupon from here
  • (2) Spaghettios- .50/ea
    • used .50/2 coupon (doubled to $1.00) from here
  • Simply Asia Seasoning -.59
    • used .50/1 coupon (It did not double) 8/29/10 RP
    • used $2.50 courtesy coupon
    • used $2 catalina from Trans. #1
  • Total cost=$19.63    Total coupons=$17.00    Total OOP -$2.63  Total Savings 87%

Note: I was supposed to get a $5.00 catalina for the cheese, but the cream cheese was not a qualifying item.  That sucked, but $2.63 for  everything was still a great deal.  I miscalculated the number of cans of Spaghettios I was supposed to purchase, but I gave the cashier all of my coupons, (2) for Transaction #2 and (2) for transactions #3.  She must have pushed them through because all of them came off of my total. This was an absolute mistake. I do not condone the use of coupons in any manner other than the way in which the manufacturer intended for them be to used.

Transaction #3

  • Maybelline eye shadow
    • used $1/1 manu. 8/8/10 RP
    • used $2/1 mPerks coupon
  • Old El Paso Taco sauce-$.88
    • used .50/1 coupon (doubled to a $1) no longer available
  • Old El Paso Taco shells-$1.89
    • used .50/1 (doubled to a $1) no longer available
  • Franks Redhot sauce-$1.15
    • used .50/1 (doubled to a $1) 7/25/10 SS
  • (7) 3 oz Philly cream cheese-$1.18/ea
  • (3) Philly cream cheese mini’s-$1.50/ea
    • used (2) $5/5 coupon from here
  • (2) Harvest Select soup bowls-.99
    • used (2) $1/1 coupon from here (adjusted down to .99/ea)
  • Aunt Mille’s Hot dog buns-.99 (forgot coupon)
  • Simply Asia Sauce-$1.29
    • used .50/1 coupon 8/29/10 RP
  • (2) Spaghettios- .50/ea
    • used .50/2 coupon (doubled to $.38) from here
  • Van De Kamp Fish Sticks-$3.99
  • (2) Lunchables Combo lunch kits-$2.00/ea
    • used (2) $1/1 coupon from here
  • (2) Kid Cuisine-$1.67/ea
    • used $1/2 8/27/10 All You magazine
  • (2) Ball Park hotdogs-$1.67/ea
    • used (2) $2/1  Facebook coupon (no longer available) (adjusted down to $1.67/ea)
  • (4) Healthy Choice Steaming Entrees
    • used $1/1 coupon (no longer available)
    • used $1/2 mPerks coupon
    • used $2 catalina
  • Total cost=$46.19 (including tax)    Total coupons=$34.20    Total OOP=$11.97    Total savings 74%

Transaction #4

  • 6 lbs of grapes-$.99/lb
  • Total cost and  total OOP $6.12

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