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Conagra Foods currently has  two rebates you can  submit.  FYI, one of the rebates end on October 31, 2010. 

The new  rebate includes $30.00 in coupons and a $5.00 Walmart gift card when you spend $25.00 on  participating brands. 

Participating Brands include:

  • Rotel
  • Hunts
  • Swiss Miss
  • Orville Redenbacher
  • Reddi-Wip
  • Pam
  • Parkay
  • Marie Callendar’s

You can go here  for details on the new rebate which doesn’t end until January 2, 2011

You can go here  to view the details  and print the form for the rebate that ends on October 31, 2010


While cleaning out my coupons yesterday, I discovered that I had $10.00 in ExtraCare Bucks (ECB’s) from CVS that were going to expire that day.  I haven’t done a lot of CVS shopping lately because my stockpile is getting a bit unruly.  It is starting to take over my basement, so I have tried to limit my CVS shopping,  hence the forgotten ECB’s.

I have heard that some CVS will take expired ECBs, but I wasn’t taking any chance so I went to CVS with the intent to just spend my ECB’s not to try and roll them in to new ECB’s. Here is what I was able to get in two transactions (ECB’s were from two differnt cards) and $1.74 OOP.


  • 6 boxes of Kleenex facial tissues $.99/ea.
    • used  (2) $.50/3  MF Qpon 10/3/10 SS
  • 2 bags of M&M fun size candy $2.00/ea
  • 2bags of Snicker fun size candy $2.00/ea
    • used $1.50/3 MF Qpon 10/10/10 RP
    • used $10.00 ECB’s

Total Value $13.94 including tax   Total OOP $1.74  Total Savings $12.50

Before I get to my shopping trip, I have to begin with the “Tale of the Free Pizza.”  During Meijer trip on  October 17,  I purchased 4 large California Pizza Kitchen pizzas because I thought they were on sale  for $2.50 each.  As it turned out, the store had  put the sign up a day early and the sale was actually for the individual pizzas which were going on sale the next day.

I knew when I checked out that my total was to high, but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It wasn’t until much later that evening that I looked  at my receipt one more time and  realized that instead the pizzas being $2.50 each,  they were actually $5.00 each.  When I bought the pizzas, I used $8.00 in CPK coupons and  I thought I would be  paying $2.00 out-of-pocket for all four. When I learned that I had paid $3.00 for each one,  I almost had a sucker stroke.  One thing I knew for sure,  was that those pizzas were going back.

I didn’t  return them until I went shopping this past Saturday.  I hated returning them because I knew the store would have to trash them, but I could not bring myself to keep $20.00 worth a pizzas.  When I took them back,  the CS Manager mentioned that they would have to throw them away. I explained  what happened  and she offered to give me the difference if I was willing to keep the pizzas.  I said okay and  she refunded me the difference plus and additional $2.00 as a “Thank You” for agreeing to take the pizzas back home.  Therefore,  I actually got them for free.  That is what I call good customer service.  If only Target would be that customer friendly.


This trip was mostly about stockpiling on items that were super cheap, but I also picked up a few necessities as well.  

  •   15 cans of DelMonte stewed tomatoes-$.99/ea.
  • 10 cans of assorted DelMonte vegetables-$.79/ea.
    • used (2) $1/5 MF 9/19/10 RP
    • used (2) $1/5 MMB
  • 5 cans of DelMonte fruit-$1.00/ea.  
    • used (1) $1/5 MF 9/19/10 RP
    • used (1) $1/5 MMB 
  • 42 packs of Kool-Aid-$.10/ea. 
    • used (3) B10G4 free MF 9/26/10 SS
  • 2 bottles of Miracle Whip-$2.00/ea.
  • 1 pack of Angel Soft bath tissue-$5.49
    • used $.50/1 manu. (doubled to $1.00) 9/19/10 RP
  • 1 box of Ronzini Healthy Harvest pasta
    • used $1/1 printable (The $1/1 has been replaced by $1/2)
  • 4lbs of Ground Chuck from Angus (Not pictured)
  • (2) 10 lb bag of russet potatoes 

Total before Savings & Coupons $113.53    Total OOP $ 64.80    Total Savings $48.73 or 43%

***Disclaimer*** I have been trying to finish this post for over an hour. The formating is not cooperating apparently, there is something wrong with WordPress.  Please forgive me if things look out of sorts. I had two choices  either scrap the post altogether or publish it “as is.”  I choose to publish it.

I had a pretty uneventful shopping trip this week. The cashier tried to tell me that “one per purchase” meant I could only use one coupon per transaction, but after I explained the difference, she grudgingly scanned all my coupons.  I am so tired of the “purchase vs. transaction” debate.  I didn’t purchse a lot because they didn’t have my daughter’s formula and a couple of other items  on my shopping list.  It was still a good trip. 

  • (1) Bag of Lays Baked Chips – $2.79
  • (4) Premium saltine crackers – $1.99/ea
  • (2) Quaker Life bars – $2.39/ea
    • used (2) $1/1 Manu. Qpon(Rec’d with sample)
    • used (2) $1/1 Target printable
  • (6) Quaker Instant Oatmeal – $2.50/ea
    • used (6) $2/2 Manu. printable ( no longer available)
    • find another $1/1 Quaker Qpon in the 9/12/10 RP
    • used (4) .75/1 Target Notebook Qpon
  • (12)  The Goodlife Recipe cat food  – .69/ea
    • used (12) $1/1 Manu.  (adjusted  to .69/ea) 9/19/10 RP
  • Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies – $1.44

Target’s registers are so wonky that half of the time I can’t understand their savings calculations.  I am going to list my out-of-pocket costs and savings according to my calculations.

Total product value=$40.25    Total OOP  cost=$8.41 including tax       Total Saved=$31.84 or 79%

With the economy being what it is, saving money has become a priority for most families.   As a result coupon usage is at an all-time high. This increase helped open up a new niche in the blogging world. Many blogger  have taken advantage of this need and started writing blogs dedicated to showing us how to save money in just about every aspect of our daily spending.

I rely on my fellow bloggers for all of the invaluable money-saving information that they share. There are a lot of really good “Frugal Blogs”, so when I decided to write this post it was difficult for me to narrow it down to just 10. The blogs on my list are the ones that I frequent most often. All of the blogs on my list are focused on saving money but, each one has something unique about it that keeps me coming back. 

1. Money  Saving  Mom-This blog has informative and well written articles  covering  topics such as how to monetize your blog and how to pay cash for a house. 

2. Hip2Save-This was the very first frugal blog I visited and it is still one my go-to sites for daily deals and freebies.  It is updated numerous times during the day  allowing you to take advantage of some the more time sensitive deals.

3. Totally Target-The name says it all.  If you want to know anything about shopping at Target, this is the site for you. The writer also started a Target forum which is a great place to connect with other Target shoppers.

4. Couponing to Disney-In addition to daily deals, this site offers helpful information for anyone planning a Disney vacation.  You can learn how to have a spectacular  trip without breaking the bank.

5. Bargains to Bounty-This site  has weekly coupon matchups for several grocery stores in the Greater Detroit area.  My favorite weekly matchups are the ones for Meijer.

6. The Mommy Reporter-This blog is a new discovery for me.  It’s only been on my go-to list for about a month.  The articles are interesting with a lot of useful information for being a successful “Mommy Blogger.”

7. Meijer Madness-This site is dedicated to all things Meijer.  Considering the fact that Meijer is my favorite grocery store. This site is is very helpful to me when I’m  making my weekly grocery list.

8. The Coupon Goddess-I read  this blog simply because it is well writen and I enjoy the witty and often humorous posts.  The writer is also a supreme couponer and a generous donor.

9. Penny Pinching Diva-This is another blog that I read becasue it is engaging.  Depite the many challenges she faces, the writer is very open about her life and I have become a little  emotionally invested in her experiences.

10.  Who Said Nothing in Life is Free-This site  almost always has at least one or two deals that I never see on any of the other blogs.  Her posts are short and to the point and that they just to cut to the chase.

These are my 10 favorite frugal blogs.  I know there are many other awesome blogs, but I have learned that you  have to pick a few good  blogs to follow or you will become overwhelmed with the vast amount of information that is available.

When trying to establish your go-to list, I would advise you be pick blogs that offer infomation that is useful to you and  focus on the goals that you are trying to accomplish. You also want to choose blogs that speak to you or touch you in some way.  I would reccommend that  you visit  a number of sites just to see what’s out there. Add the sites you like to your “Favorites”. In time you will notice that you are visiting certain sites more regularly than others and your go-to list will emerge.

Please leave a comment describing  your favorite money-saving blogs. 

I received a number of new freebies over the last week or so.  Here’s a list of what  I received: VIDEO LINK

  • (2) Coupons for a free tub of Cottonelle moist wipes
  • A coupon for a free bottle of Advil
  • (2)  Samples of Quaker life bars w/ coupons ( will be stacking these with the Target IP)
  • Sample of Wisk laundry detergent
  • Sample Gald trash bag
  • Sample box of Kleenex
  • Sample of Vaseline lotion
  • Sample of Nivea Happy Sensation lotion
  • Sample of Cold-Eeze cold medicine
  • Sample of Organix feminine pads
  • (2) Sample boxes from Roca la Vida ???
    • Box #1 included  samples of Bisquick, Fiber One Cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, and Nature Valley granola bar
    • Box #2 included  a full size box of Hamburger Helper and samples of Fiber One Cereal and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

Bath and Body Works has been putting out some really good coupons lately.  One of the best is the “Buy any item and get a free travel size item.”  They have also been issuing coupons for  free 2 oz. samples of their new fragrance  The newest fragrance is Secret Wonderland.  I had a coupon for a free bottle, but unfortunately when I  went shopping, I  left the coupon at home (arghhhhh). 

I am also on BBW’s mailing list and they sent me two coupons for two free travel size items (no purchase necessary).  I found out from the  cashier that the company made a mistake with coupons, but they still honored them both.    So, despite the forgotten coupon I still managed to snag 6 travel size items for $2.65  including tax.

Transaction #1

  • 2 oz. Secret Wonderland lotion-$1.00 sale price (reg. $3.50)
  • 3 oz. Orange Sapphire lotion-$5.00
    • used BOGO coupon
  • 3 oz. Orange Sapphire body wash-$5.00
    • used free item coupon
  • Total $1.06 including tax

Transaction #2

  • 1 oz. White Citrus hand sanitizer
  • 3 oz. White Citrus Lotion
    • used BOGO coupon
  • 3 oz. White Citrus body wash
    • used free item coupon
  • Total $1.59 includdng tax

Total Value=$25.00  Total Savings=$22.50  Total Savings=90%

Of course, they sent me home with another coupon, although it is not nearly as good as the ones I used. There is also a coupon attached to the bottle of Secret Wonderland that I had to purchase  instead getting it for free.  (Darn that forgotten coupon)

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