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I have wanted to start a blog for several months, but I didn’t have the first clue as to how or where to begin.  I set up my WordPress account and then….NOTHING.  I didn’t know where to go from there.  It seemed as if there was a never ending stream of information on blogging. I found myself overwhelmed with information and writing a post seemed like such a daunting task.  

I had so many grandiose ideas about how I wanted my blog to look and about what I wanted to write about.  I studied other blogs, took a novels worth of notes and even watched tutorials on You Tube.  Initially, all of this  pushed me to do….. NOTHING.  I still could not get moving until … I realized that I  just needed to write about something, anything.  I needed to write without regard to what people would think. I needed to stop being concerned with critisim.  I just needed to write.

There were several bloggers and videographers that offered invaluable insight  which eventually led to my  “blogging ephiphany”. I have to say thank you to SPARKWISDOM on You Tube.  She is one the most positve and inspiring people I have had the pleasure of encountering.  I have learned so much and scored many a deal thanks to Hip2Save, Totally Target, Money Saving Mom and Couponing to Disney.  All of these ladies have been so inspirational and I want to send them all a giant THANK YOU. 

For now, I intend to write about whatever I feel like writing about. I intend to have fun. I will share things about me, my hobbies, my passions, my frustrations, my loves, my likes and most assuredly my dislikes. For anyone visiting my blog I ask that you please be patient. I will get better. Cut me so slack if my posts are not always eloquent or witty or even reasonable.  At times it may seem that I am all over the place and I probably will be as I try to find my footing with this blogging experience.

I hope you will enjoy this ride with me!


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