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I had a glorious time shopping at Target today.  Not only did I save 100%, I inadvertently made $2.85.  More on that later.  I am going to get right into my shopping recap.

  • C9 Girls Hat-$9.99
  • (2) Archer Frams Trail Mix-.99/ea
  • (2) Nescafe 7 ct. stick packs-$1.00/ea
  • (2) DelMonte Fruit Cups 4ct.-$2.00/ea
  • (3) Target Home  Shower Caddies-$7.48/ea (on clearance)
  • (2) Room Essentials toilet paper holders-$4.99/ea
  • (2) Room Essentials bath baskets-$5.99/ea
  • Birthday Card-$2.99
  • Used $5.00 gift card (gift from a friend, thanks Lisa)

Total Value=$65.36   Total Coupons=$53.00  Total OOP=$7.36 + tax  Returned C9 Hat=$10.59  Adjusted OOP=$0.00+$2.85 moneymaker.    

I also returned the Shout travel wipes I mentioned in my last Target post and got back an additional $3.08. All in all, this was the best Target shopping trip I have had in a while. 

You can checkout the video of this trip here.


This was a very quick trip to Target. My mother needed to go to the pharmacy and I just grabbed a few things while they filled her prescription.  I was going to go back yesterday, but my daughter was tired, sleepy and grouchy so, I nixed that trip. Hopefully, I can make it back today to grab some of the P.F. Chang dinners that are on sale.  This week they are $6.99 and there is a $2.00 coupon in the 9/12/10 RP that you can stack with the $1.50 store coupon on Target’s web site.  That makes them only $3.49 each.  I also wanted to do the Venus Razor deal that I read about on TotallyTarget.

This is what I was able to grab while waiting.

  • (1)  Hefty Kiddy cups on clearance-.74 (no coupon used)
  • (2) Turtleneck tops for my daughter-$4.00/ea (no coupon used)
  • (6) Travel size Shout wipes-.97/ea ~~~used (3) $2/2 8/8/10 SS
  • (1) Tide Stain Release-$6.99~~~used (1) $3/1 8/29/10 P&G Saver  and $1.50/1 Target Q
  • (1) Travel size Tide laundry detergent-.97~~~used  (1) $1/1 8/29/10 P&G Saver  adjusted down to .97
  • (2) Archer Farms trail mix-$1.59~~~used (1) $1/2 Target Q
  • (1) loaf of Market Pantry bread-$.92~~~used .50/1 Target Q
  • (3) Sobe waters-$1.02/ea~~~used (3) Free Q’s from the Sobe Heads or Tail Game (no longer available) 
  • (2) Skintamate Shaving gel-$2.24/ea~~~used $.75/1  8/1/10 SS and $1/1 Target Q 8/22/10 SS
  • (4) Edge Shaving gel-$2.24/ea~~~used $.75/1  8/1/10 SS and $1/1 Target Q 8/22/10 SS

Total $44.76 (including tax)  Total coupons $28.54  Total OOP $16.22  Savings 64%

**NOTE** My coupon total is so high because the register was doing something wonky with the Shout coupons and the manager told the cashier to not worry about it as long as I got all 6 items for free.  This error resulted in a $2.06 overage.  Yaaaay for me.

These are some coupons I found in Meijer during my last shopping trip.  I found a sheet with 4 Meijer brand laundry detergents in the front of the store where the sales circulars are kept.

I also found a $1.50/1 Huggies Pure and Natural (Meijer store) coupon.  This coupon can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon and a sale for some inexpensive diapers.  Thankfully my daughter is in training pants now, so I have no need for those. 

I also found a store coupon for $1/1 Gerber Graduates cereal bar or cereal twists.  Just like the Huggies coupon this coupon can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon (if you can find any).  I signed up with Gerber and they occasionally send me coupons for savings on various products.

The last coupon I found was a manufacturer coupon for $1/5 Kraft Easy Mac.  I found these on a tearpad in front of the Easy Mac.  Meijer has Easy Mac on sale this week for .99. with the coupon they would be just .79 a cup.


In  honor of National Coupon Month ( who knew), my YouTube buddy Chef Shauniece is having an awesome giveaway.  Chef Shaunice is a beautiful 15 year-old aspiring chef.  She has a YouTube channel with a lot of  cooking videos that teach young people how to cook delicious and healthy meals.  She is an inspiring role model for kids. Go here to enter to win (9) 9/12/10 coupon inserts ( 3 RedPlum, 3 Smart Source, and 3 General Mills).  You have until Saturday, Sept. 18 at 9:00 PM PST to enter.  Good Luck!!!!


Okay, I know it’s a little late, but better late than never.  It is more than a notion trying to work full-time + overtime,  posts updates to the blog, take care of a busy 16 month old and shoot You tube videos….etc.  I know, I know, I am preaching to the choir.  LOL.  We are all busy little bees.  Anyway. This was my final shopping trip from last weekend.  It was okay not nearly as awesome as my SUPER MEGA TARGET HAUL from a couple of weeks ago.  Go here to check out that haul.  It was awesome!!!       

Before I breakdown my trip, let me just say that I have a real love/hate relationship with Target.  I love all of the great deals you can get. I love the fact that they have store coupons that can be stacked with manufacturer coupons and I LOVE the Target on Warren Rd. in Westland, MI.  

I HATE the fact that some of their cashiers have not been trained properly on the use of coupons, I HATE that their new computer systems cheats you out of part of your coupon savings. I HATE that they do not always honor their own coupon policy and I really hate the Target store on Ford Rd/Greenfield in Dearborn, MI. That store has proven to be the most coupon hating Target, I have visited.     

I know from some of the comments I’ve read on other blogs that I am not alone in my love/hae relationship with Target.  I believe that if you follow a few tips you can have a great shopping experience at Target.  Plus, I refuse to let a  few player-hating employees, stop me from saving money and getting deals.  I will post my tips on how to have an enjoyable shopping experience at Target.  Now on to my shopping trip.          

 Transaction #1      

  • (2) Hunt’s Ketchup – .84/ea
    • used $1/2 coupon from the August All You magazine 
    •  I did a separate transaction because I needed a separate receipt for the Conagra Rebate. Go here to print your rebate form.
  • Total cost=$1.68   Total coupons=$1.00  Total OOP= $ .68   Total savings=68%

  Transaction #2  

  • (2) Olay Regenerist Facial Wipes – $5.99/ea
  •  (1) Olay Regenerist Daily Facial Cleanser – $5.99
    • used (3) $5/1 coupons from the P&G Coupon Savings Booklet (no longer available) 
    •  Get the form for the new rebate in the 8/29/10 P&G Saver  or here.
    •  Once again I did a separate transaction because I am sending off for the another rebate. Go here to print the form,but hurry it expires on 9/17/10.
  •  Total cost=$19.05 (including tax)  Total coupons=$15.00 $  Total OOP=$4.05  Total Savings=79%

Transaction #3        

  • (2) Bounty Basic Paper Towel – .99/ea
    • used (2) $1.00 (adjusted down to .99) coupons from the P&G Coupon Savings Booklet (no longer available)
    •  Get the form for the new rebate in the 8/29/10 P&G Saver  or here.
  • (3) Aloe Vaseline Lotion -$2.99/ea
  • (3) Travel Sive Tide Detergent – $.97
    • used (3) $1/1 coupons  (adjusted down to .97)   8/29/10 P&G Saver
  • (4) Sauve sampoo – $.99/ea
  • (5) Travel size Degree for Women
    • used (4) .75/1    8/29/10 RP
  • (3) Friskies Party Mix – $1.34/ea
    • used (3) $1/1  8/22/10/SS  and here  
  • (6) Travel size Right Guard – .97/ea
    • used (3) $1.50/2  8/15/10 RP
  • (4) 2pk Sharpie Accent highlighters-$.75/ea
  • (2) Travel size Clean and Clear Morning Burst Cleansers- .97/ea
    • used (2) $1/1 (adjusted down to .97) 8/1/10 SS
  • NYC Lipshine-$1.72
    • used $1/1 August All You magazine
  • Pair of socks for my daughter  $1.00
    • no coupon used
    • used a $6.61 gift card from previous return   (see Target Mega Haul video here)
  • Total  cost $42.01  (including tax) Total coupons & GC=$37.09    Total OOP=$2.67   Total Savings 88% 

Note:  Try as I might I could not figure out the calculations based on the receipt.  I often have that problem with Target. I tried to be as accurate has I could.


I started uploading videos to You Tube in May and I am happy to say that I am enjoying every minute of it. In my videos, I have shared my coupon binder, my shopping trips and all of the freebies I receive in the mail everyday. It is so much fun to be able to share my deals and money-saving tips with so many people. 

I have met some great people in the YT community.  While it is unlikely that I will ever meet most of these people, I have found them to be some of the most caring, inpirational, encouraging and supportive people I have ever met.  I never would have thought I could get addicted to the YT, but I have. LOL.  

I recently reached 100 subscribers. You can view the video here.  To celebrate I am about to have my first giveaway.  I am really excited and I have been thinking hard trying to decide what the rules should be and more importantly what the  prizes should be.  After much thought, I am finally ready. I will be uploading that video later today.   

Check out my YT channel  Detroit Deal Diva .  When you visit, please rate, comment and subscribe.  Don’t forget to enter my contest.

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The last P&G savings book contained some coupons that enabled me to get free Bounty paper towels and some $5.00 Olay Regenerist coupons. I scored some facial cleanser for $.99  at Target. Check out the video here. If you the find right sales and use the right coupons, you don’t have to spend $50.00 OOP (Out of Pocket) to qualify for your book. I spent $28.00 OOP to get my last book. 

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