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***UPDATE*** Check out the video for this trip here.

I am continuing my  posts about my holiday weekend shopping trips.  Walmart used to be my go-to store for bargain shopping especially for groceries and baby items. Over time I noticed that their prices were often being matched by Target and Meijer, so that increased my shopping options. 

Once I started supercouponing ( The act of using coupons to such an extreme level that it enables you to shop and purchase items for very cheap or free.) I learned that shopping at Walmart was not the best store for me to get the biggest bang for my grocery bucks. Unfortunately, Walmart does not double coupons (like Meijer) and they do not have store coupons that can be gloriously stacked for amazing savings (like Target and Meijer).

I now only shop at Wal-Mart when I have coupons that are best used there or I need to purchase items that I do not have and will not be able to get a coupon for.  Therefore, I only shop there once every 6-8 weeks.  I have to admit though, I always feel a bit nostalgic whenever I go to there.  I really used to be in love with Wal-Mart, but alas I am more coupon savvy now and I must go where the deals take me. 🙂

Now on to the shopping details.

(3) 11oz Gain Dishwashing Liquid-$1.00/ea.

used $1/1 coupon ~ 8/29/10 P&G Saver

7 pk dishwashing cloths-$3.00

(2) Dixon no.2 pencils-$.88/ea

Birthday card for my sister-$3.50 (A little pricey, but she’s worth it.)

(2) Large boxes of Crunch and Munch-$1.00/ea ( The small boxes where $.99, umph, riiidiculous)

-used $1/2 ~ August All You Magazine

(1) Ruffles potato chips-$1.98

(2) Ball Park bun-size hotdogs-$2.00/ea

-used $2/1 ~ Facebook coupon (no longer available)

(1) Kikkoman Teriyaki marinade-$2.00

-used B1G1  here (The cashier took $2 off )

(1) Kikkoman Sweet and Sour sauce-$1.42

used $1/1 here

Total-$22.57     Total OOP-$12.24  (includes $ .67 tax)

Total Saved $11.00 or 49%

Missing from the photo is the Kikkoman Sweet and Sour Sauce.  My niece made off with it like a little bandit. She needed it for her eggrolls.

Next store: Meijer


I have wanted to start a blog for several months, but I didn’t have the first clue as to how or where to begin.  I set up my WordPress account and then….NOTHING.  I didn’t know where to go from there.  It seemed as if there was a never ending stream of information on blogging. I found myself overwhelmed with information and writing a post seemed like such a daunting task.  

I had so many grandiose ideas about how I wanted my blog to look and about what I wanted to write about.  I studied other blogs, took a novels worth of notes and even watched tutorials on You Tube.  Initially, all of this  pushed me to do….. NOTHING.  I still could not get moving until … I realized that I  just needed to write about something, anything.  I needed to write without regard to what people would think. I needed to stop being concerned with critisim.  I just needed to write.

There were several bloggers and videographers that offered invaluable insight  which eventually led to my  “blogging ephiphany”. I have to say thank you to SPARKWISDOM on You Tube.  She is one the most positve and inspiring people I have had the pleasure of encountering.  I have learned so much and scored many a deal thanks to Hip2Save, Totally Target, Money Saving Mom and Couponing to Disney.  All of these ladies have been so inspirational and I want to send them all a giant THANK YOU. 

For now, I intend to write about whatever I feel like writing about. I intend to have fun. I will share things about me, my hobbies, my passions, my frustrations, my loves, my likes and most assuredly my dislikes. For anyone visiting my blog I ask that you please be patient. I will get better. Cut me so slack if my posts are not always eloquent or witty or even reasonable.  At times it may seem that I am all over the place and I probably will be as I try to find my footing with this blogging experience.

I hope you will enjoy this ride with me!

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