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Target Trip 12/11/10

Posted on: December 12, 2010

Yesterday’s trip was pretty good. especially since I was not in a shopping mood.  Before I hit the aisles, I stopped at Customer Service to return the Gas-X from last week’s trip. If you missed my last Target post, I mentioned that during my last trip, the store cheated me our of $9.00 in coupons.  I never keep items that I get cheated on, so I returned the merchandise and got my money back. That is easier than fighting with the store about missed coupons.  I got back $8.46 which just about covered the $9.00.

Target is infamous for cheating you out of your coupons, I can’t stress enough, the need to thoroughly review your receipt when shopping there.  Yesterday, they charged me for an unwanted item and they missed $1.50  in coupons. Thankfully, I caught the mistakes before I left the store and I was able to get my $2.59 back.    If you take in to account the $8.46 I got back,  I actually came out $6.06 ahead on this trip.  My OOP for this trip was only $2.40.


  • Energizer rechargeable battery $10.59
    • Free coupon (I do not remember where I requested it from)
  • (3)Hershey kisses $2.50 ea
  • (4) Planters sunflower kernels $1.67 ea.
  • Lipton green tea $2.19
    • $1/1 TQ (Pharmacy Mailer)
    • $1/1 printable MQ
  • (4) Skinny cow cups $1.22 ea.
    • $1/1 MQ
  • Up hand sanitizer .99
    • .50/1 TQ (Pharmacy Mailer)
  • (2) Halls cough drops $1.39 ea.
    • $1/1 TQ (Pharmacy Mailer)
    • $1/2 MQ
  • (2) Premium Saltine crackers $1.99 ea.
  • (2) Philly cream cheese $1.19 ea.
  • (4) Suave deodorant  .97 ea

OOP $2.40 Saved $45.90

Note: I have to thank my friend and colleague Val for the  Target Pharmacy coupon mailer.  I never get the Target mailers, so I was  really happy she gave me hers. 


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