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Meijer Trip 10/23/10

Posted on: October 25, 2010

Before I get to my shopping trip, I have to begin with the “Tale of the Free Pizza.”  During Meijer trip on  October 17,  I purchased 4 large California Pizza Kitchen pizzas because I thought they were on sale  for $2.50 each.  As it turned out, the store had  put the sign up a day early and the sale was actually for the individual pizzas which were going on sale the next day.

I knew when I checked out that my total was to high, but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It wasn’t until much later that evening that I looked  at my receipt one more time and  realized that instead the pizzas being $2.50 each,  they were actually $5.00 each.  When I bought the pizzas, I used $8.00 in CPK coupons and  I thought I would be  paying $2.00 out-of-pocket for all four. When I learned that I had paid $3.00 for each one,  I almost had a sucker stroke.  One thing I knew for sure,  was that those pizzas were going back.

I didn’t  return them until I went shopping this past Saturday.  I hated returning them because I knew the store would have to trash them, but I could not bring myself to keep $20.00 worth a pizzas.  When I took them back,  the CS Manager mentioned that they would have to throw them away. I explained  what happened  and she offered to give me the difference if I was willing to keep the pizzas.  I said okay and  she refunded me the difference plus and additional $2.00 as a “Thank You” for agreeing to take the pizzas back home.  Therefore,  I actually got them for free.  That is what I call good customer service.  If only Target would be that customer friendly.


This trip was mostly about stockpiling on items that were super cheap, but I also picked up a few necessities as well.  

  •   15 cans of DelMonte stewed tomatoes-$.99/ea.
  • 10 cans of assorted DelMonte vegetables-$.79/ea.
    • used (2) $1/5 MF 9/19/10 RP
    • used (2) $1/5 MMB
  • 5 cans of DelMonte fruit-$1.00/ea.  
    • used (1) $1/5 MF 9/19/10 RP
    • used (1) $1/5 MMB 
  • 42 packs of Kool-Aid-$.10/ea. 
    • used (3) B10G4 free MF 9/26/10 SS
  • 2 bottles of Miracle Whip-$2.00/ea.
  • 1 pack of Angel Soft bath tissue-$5.49
    • used $.50/1 manu. (doubled to $1.00) 9/19/10 RP
  • 1 box of Ronzini Healthy Harvest pasta
    • used $1/1 printable (The $1/1 has been replaced by $1/2)
  • 4lbs of Ground Chuck from Angus (Not pictured)
  • (2) 10 lb bag of russet potatoes 

Total before Savings & Coupons $113.53    Total OOP $ 64.80    Total Savings $48.73 or 43%

***Disclaimer*** I have been trying to finish this post for over an hour. The formating is not cooperating apparently, there is something wrong with WordPress.  Please forgive me if things look out of sorts. I had two choices  either scrap the post altogether or publish it “as is.”  I choose to publish it.


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